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Bluescrew Oztent Edition


BlueScrew: The World's Best Ground Anchor 

Large (58cm) - sold in packs of two

  • Ideal for securing tarps, tents and beach items in sand or soft soil.

Small (31cm) - sold in packs of five

  • Perfect for campsites, turf and firm soil.

The Bluescrew has been developed to solve the age-old problem of ground anchors that fail in soil, sand and snow.

Unique in design and behaviour, the Bluescrew ground anchors allow you to achieve tie down solutions previously unthinkable.

Inspired by a desire to solve your problems, the dream of the guys at Bluescrew is to educate every outdoor enthusiast of a better, smarter method of anchoring things to the ground.

so when your challenge is securing a tent, boat, or pet, in sand, soil, sugar, or even underwater. "Don't risk losing it. JUST SCREW IT"

Perfect for:

  • Tents & Tarps
  • Sun Shelters
  • Dogs & Pets
  • Sports Nets
  • OzTent Foxwing Awning

Instructions for use:

Position Bluescrew and screw it into the ground in a clockwise direction using downward pressure. Bluescrew should be inserted in line with the rope (for use with 1 rope) or vertically (for use with 2 ropes). To retrieve from ground simply turn anti-clockwise.