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Oztent RX-5



Take your group-camping experience to the next level with the OZTENT RX-5. This 2-room tent offers large families additional space for a superior campsite. Built around our 30-seconds folding frame, the OZTENT RX-5 gives you extra time and headspace to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Live in peace under the premium ModCan material of the RX-5, designed to keep you dry in the rain and protected from harmful UV rays. The SkyMesh skylight window allows an indoor sun bath during the day or insect-free stargazing at night. The unique shape of the RX-5 maximises your space, making storage within the tent as easy at the 30-seconds setup. The Zip-In Entry Floor fully encloses your entry area when used in conjunction with the Complete Panel System. This creates a larger, private, weatherproof sleeping or living area.


Easy setup in less than 30-seconds 
Full height 2 room tent 
Zip-In Entry Floor 
Exclusive SkyMesh skylight 
Certified fire rating to CPAI-84 
Sleeps 5-10